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Multum en Parvo: Enclosing Memory within Miniature Portraiture

Sarah Riley Mathewson
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Portrait of a Girl

Alexandra Boucklos
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Girlhood Innocence and Nature in the Nineteenth Century

Cecilia Erica Blume   
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The Romantic Landscape: Representations of Women and Girls in Landscape Painting

Sydney Pine

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Images of Poor and Destitute Boys in Nineteenth-Century Painting

Alena Krasnikova
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Clara Gutsche: Portraits of Girlhood

Twyla Hatt
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The Miniature Adult: The Evolution of Children’s Clothing and the Concept of Childhood from the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Centuries

Georges-Étienne Carrière
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Rise and Stand Up: Renditions of Education in Art

Camille Devaux
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The Dichotomy Between Liberty and Control: The Book as a Social Narrative Device in Depictions of the Family

Kimberly Glassman
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Remembering: Multiple Repercussions of Political and Social Structures on Children

Kristina Parker
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Photography and the Body of the Child in Twentieth-Century Quebec Catholicism: Documenting Children’s Role as Mediators Between Heaven and Earth

Daniel Santiago Sáenz
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Shifting Interpretations of the Nuclear Family: Aristocracy, Conformity, Intimacy

Dina Georgaros
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Like Father, Like Son: Decoding the Relationship Between Parent and the Adult Child

Emilie Croning
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Among the Flesh: Sculptural Representations of Motherhood, Motherland and Everything in

Sarah Amarica
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Myths of the North: Challenging What it Means to be Canadian

Isabelle Nguyen
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