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Family Works: A Multiplicity of Meanings and Contexts is a website produced in partnership with the Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

We thank the following people who contributed to this class project and helped to create the website.

The Art History students from the seminar Here’s Looking at You Kid: Picturing Children, Envisioning Childhood led by Loren Lerner in the Department of Art History: Sarah Amarica, Cecilia Erica Blume, Alexandra Boucklos, Louise Calté, Georges-Étienne Carrière, Emilie Croning, Camille Devaux, Dina Georgaros, Kimberly Glassman, Twyla Hatt, Alena Krasnikova, Sarah Riley Mathewson, Isabelle Nguyen, Kristina Parker, Sydney Pine, Daniel Santiago Sáenz

The artists in the Studio Arts program led by Raymonde April, Laura Endacott and Tema Stauffer: Chloé Bergeron, Romane Bladou, Clara Cousineau, Curtis-James Doherty, Camille Durand Gauthier, Rachel Freeman, Geneviève Grenier, Véronique Guimond-Payette, Amanda Grzelak, Alissa Hamilton, Isabelle Hayes, Carolyn Ligeza, Francis Macchiagodena, Fatine-Violette Sabiri, Jessica Saint-Onge, Lisa-Marie Savard, Orion Szydel, Meaghan Tardif-Bennett, Ruth Webber-Juggoo

Mélanie Deveault, Educational Projects Developer, and Danielle Blanchette, Documentation Technician, Archives, at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, who assisted with the project in its various stages, and provided access to museum resources.

Evan Montpellier, BFA in Media Art, Concordia University, media artist, researcher and educator who produced the videos.

Tara Ng, MA, Art History, Concordia University who edited the texts

Pata Macedo, graphic designer and educator in the Design and Computation Arts Department, Concordia University who designed the website.



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Family Works: A Multiplicity of Meanings and Contexts. 
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